Rihanna’s Stellar Performance at Indian Billionaire’s Pre-Wedding Bash: A £5 Million Extravaganza

In a lavish celebration that captivated the attention of the global elite, Barbadian superstar Rihanna illuminated

My First Year in the States: A Desi Girl’s Diary

Just landed in the US nine months ago, and oh boy, has it been an adventure

IPL 2024: The Excitement Begins This Month

The upcoming IPL 2024 tournament promises to be a thrilling showdown of cricketing talent and festive

Homely Delights: Dive into the Heart of Indian Community Cooking in America

Introduction: Embracing the warmth of Indian community kitchens in America, let's explore some cherished recipes that

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99-Year-Old Great Grandmother from India Becomes US Citizen

On April 8, a 99-year-old great grandmother from India became a US citizen after taking the Oath of Allegiance in

By indiansnews 9 Min Read

Exploring the World of Indian Cuisine: Essential Ingredients, Spices, and Starter Recipes

Embarking on a culinary adventure into the realm of Indian cuisine promises not only a delightful gastronomic experience but also

By indiansnews 4 Min Read

Experience the Culinary Journey of India at Vikas Khanna’s Bungalow in NYC

Renowned chef Vikas Khanna has been a trailblazer in elevating Indian cuisine to new heights of recognition in New York

By indiansnews 2 Min Read

Mindy Kaling Set to Charm Hulu Again with ‘Murray Hill’ Comedy

Get ready for a delightful dose of Mindy Kaling humor as the acclaimed writer, actor, and producer gears up for

By indiansnews 3 Min Read

Indian American Female Founders Shine on Inc. Magazine’s Prestigious List

Inc. magazine's seventh annual Female Founders list has once again spotlighted the exceptional contributions of women entrepreneurs, and this year,

By indiansnews 3 Min Read

Bollywood Blockbuster ‘Fighter’ Sets New Netflix Record

In a resounding triumph for the Indian film industry, the latest Bollywood sensation, "Fighter," has etched its name in the

By indiansnews 3 Min Read

Indian American Dr. Radha Plumb Assumes Role as DoD Chief Digital and AI Officer

In a significant development at the Department of Defense (DoD), Dr. Radha Plumb, an esteemed Indian American national security expert,

By indiansnews 3 Min Read